TMJ Doctor in Baltimore, MD

You or your loved one may be one of 10 million Americans who suffer from TMJ. Accompanying this disorder is pain that varies from mild and irritating to chronic and severe. Our TMJ doctor in Baltimore, MD, does not want you to suffer. Come to our TMJ FACIAL PAIN CENTER for capable service from compassionate professionals.

Our Dentist Offers You Relief from Pain

Call our facial pain center to make an appointment with Robert Grill, Doctor of Dental Surgery, when you have  facial pain, headache or trouble with your jaw joint. He asks questions and does tests to employ an evidence-based approach to a specific TMJ diagnosis. He offers our patients nonsurgical solutions to this disorder and can provide you with referrals when surgery is necessary for treatment.

The Damage Done by TMJ.

 The pain that accompanies TMJ disease is just one of the problems that accompany this disorder. There is also the denatal damage that patients suffer as a result. Over the years, teeth grinding may make it necessary to patients to require complex restoration of their teeth.

Dr. Grill also offers other adjunctiv treatment. He can use cold laser therapy to stimulate healing in inflamed muscles and joints and can employ BOTOX and trigger point injections to reduce muscles spasms, which result from damage done by TMJ.

The Damage Done by TMJ.